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Music & Entertainment Industry

Stage Management

Liaising with Performers

    Provide for the needs of the musicians and guest artists. This means ensuring that the performing act has everything they've requested before, during and after the show. Liaises with the performers, telling them when it's time to go on stage and when to leave the stage, as well as calling other cues throughout the concert.


    Work backstage to control and regulate the backstage area. Check backstage passes and enforces regulations, clearing the area of people who should not be backstage. Keeps the area as organized as possible. Ensuring curtains are opened and closed at the correct times within the act, for example, when the show opens, for intermission and at the final curtain call.



Responsible for the sound within the concert, including the volume of microphones and amplifiers. Liaison with the act to find out what levels of sound are required throughout the concert.


Talent Development


Support overall talent/creative development strategy including design and delivery of talent management/organizational development solutions, administrative, development programs and strategic consultations for specific businesses.  Talent review and planning, project management plans etc.


Product Management & Marketing Services


Provides the sales & marketing team with the necessary technical expertise to enable them to sell the product(s). This involves printed and electronic promotional material, product training, and relevant clinical papers.


Responsible for reviewing product data to ensure that the field force is kept up to date on new developments regarding the companies or competitors products.


Act as point of first reference for all product related enquiries and work collaboratively with colleagues in Clinical Research and Regulatory to address any issues that may arise.


Close liaison with the field force to assess the response to and suitability of current promotional material and to ensure that the printed promotional material is being used optimally.


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